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Fast Find and Replace Demo 2.0

Fast batch find and replace text in multiple files
2.0 (See all)

Fast batch find and replace text in multiple files, it can process thousands of ansi/utf-8/unicode encoding documents within several minutes, saving your time and money!
There are many find and replace text tools in internet, but most of them can not handle utf-8 or unicode encoding text right. Now, Fast find and replace can find and replace utf-8 and unicode encoding text files, you can download the trial version to try at once.

Key Features
*Fast finds text in multiple files/documents and batch replaces text files in entire paragraphs, and it can process thousands of files within several minutes!
*supports ansi, unicode (little/big endian), utf-8 encoding text files.
*supports DOS (CR/LF), Unix (LF), Mac (CR) newline.
*highlights the find and replace text results using tree view, you can easy see the line number and position in line of the results.
*you can modify files and save as results using build-in text editor.
*you can use file filters, include words and exclude words in file name or file path to filter files.

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